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Cheshire Falcons

Model Flying Club


The Dairy Meadow, Opposite Raby Hall Farm.
(adjacent to the top traffic lights)
Raby Hall Rd. Raby. Wirral.
CH63 4JF"


Two views of our strip taken from a DJI Quadcopter

Our Strip
Somewhere in the middle distance beyond the River Dee
To help get your bearings: Parkgate middle left ( Liverpool Cathedrals far left)
& Connah's Quay Bridge middle right!


The copse of trees to the South may be 70'high, but are situated in a valley and can
'usually' be avoided.
Hung up

To the North and quite close to the strip is an 8' thorn hedge,

this can be a major psycological barrier when landing into a cold South Easterly,
or in more friendly weather it has been known to act as a rather prickly backstop
for those floaters that really dont want to touch down.

This is the view to the SE with a mown corner of the pits showing,
could you imagine a better, more peaceful, uncluttered place to fly?

But periodically we have to live with a cheerful band of lively and inquisitive heifers!.

Great care is taken to ensure that no harm comes to the home herd, and it must be said that they hardly seem to notice the 80db of a fast low pass just feet above their heads.

Every member goes equipped with bin bag, this is an insurance policy so that in the event of an 'unfortunate' every scrap of Balsa, snapped props, batteries, shattered servos and mangled bits of engine are carefully collected for fear of giving a greedy ruminant a major digestive problem.

We have to be particularly careful not leave our debris lying about!

At some times of the year we 'enjoy' the company of a frisky and very inquisitive group of heifers. Their sudden stampede in your direction can be quite alarming particularly if you are showing off with a fast, low, inverted pass at the time.

Every attempt to house train these animals has failed!

When a member, greasing in, encounters a large steaming cow pat
that is when the 'proverbial' hits the fan.!

so our 'groundsman' Phil has volunteered to take on the unenviable task
of wielding the shovel.
Well, after all, our little wheels might get soiled

The good news is that at 4pm each parting day,
the lowing herd winds slowly o'er the lea,
the cowman homeward plods his weary way,
And leaves the strip to fliers and to me!
(With apologies to Thomas Gray)

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