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Ken's Albatros C1

OzyRay and friends
When model fliers get together a new club is formed!

Modelling Emporium          Steve Webb Models of Frodsham is our local model shop.

Dont Miss Paul Maddoc's shop
Paul, (the boss man) tells us:
Based in Chester, in the North West of England (UK), we are a small business aiming to provide a quality and hassle-free service.
We specialise in brushless power sets for radio controlled model aeroplanes and aim to offer quality
and reliable products from specialist manufacturers to help you get the most from your spare time.

Try Component Shop for RC accessories
and particularly for rechargables.

Hobby Pit
or have a look around the
Hobby Pit site.

CAA    The CAA offer a G-Info database search facility, both current and historical. You have a G-XXXX Registration Number?- find out if she still flies!
You can even search for info by type, some registrations have photos.
But beware, I discovered that a 'Mosquito' today is either an elderly autogiro or a sailplane,
Not exactly what I expected!.

Virtual Aircraft Museum
Virtual Aircraft Museum.
The A to Z of Aircraft manufacturers and their planes, listed by Country.
I wonder if you would recognise even 50% of those in the UK listings!

Parent body for UK Aeromodellers

14% scale Vulcan  
Large Model Association

Military Airshows
Complete listing of Military Airshows around the UK.
You can also go to their 'Live Aviation' page to eavesdrop ATC conversations
and see Videos & airport webcams.

The Red Arrows               The Red Arrows display programme can be found here.

The Samson Sky Bike
Simple concept..? A motorcycle with extending wings
Well you can dream!

James May with the 1950s Sky Car
Remember James May demonstrating the 1950s Taylor Aerocar
Well new technology has now been applied to the design.
The Terrafugia Transition first flew on March 6th '09, watch the maiden flight here,
the manufacturer is now accepting deposits for early delivery.

The Moller M400 Skycar
and dont forget that the long overdue Moller M400 Skycar might just be with us soon.

The Chech Aeromobil
or the Czech Aeromobil, watch one of its first ( slightly unsteady) flights.

Pal-V gyrocopter
Due for launch in 2014 ( subject to suitable investment) is the Pal-V gyrocopter
you can read all about it and see flight videos here

or again
You could design your own...........
The Fiat Skycar....

The RC Battery Clinic   All your battery questions answered.


                modelflying.co.uk the web home of RCME

Bugatti 100P In 1937 Ettore Bugatti designed and built his innovative Bugatti Racer 100P aeroplane.
With a rigid , single seat, ply and balsa fuselage, wings swept forwards and butterfy tailfeathers
One Bugatti 4.9litre blown engine this was nothing short of revolutionary. Propulsion was to be by
two mid mounted 8 cylinder, 4.9 litre Turbocharged engines driving contrarotating props, with drive shafts through the cockpit. She never flew ( Herr Hitler saw to that) but the only prototype is on display today at Oshkosh.

A group of enthusiasts set about rebuilding a full scale 'prototype' from scant details and few plans available, you can find several web references.

A large RC model has now flown proving that Bugatti knew something about aerodynamics as well!
Following the successful flight of a large scale model, the Group have actually flown their full scale prototype , the subject of several YouTube Videos, lots of links on their web pages.
however the development  stopped following the fatal crash of this prototype.

Mark's pagesMark Jayne is not only a radio control enthusiast but an avid plane spotter and photographer who spends many a cold day on a hillside in Mid Wales awaiting the arrival of military aircraft flying The Mach Loop,
often at 450mph less than 100' from the ground.
Stunning photography.

UK Tips, links and forum  UK orientated information pages just for aeromodellers

WW1 airpower

Detailed information about all those WW1 biplanes
and the aces who flew them.

Airfield Models               Airfield Models, a great information resource for modellers

RC Airplane World   
Considering Radio Control as a hobby?,
there is no better place to start surfing.

electromagnetic levitation
Electromagnetic levitation and thrust..
the way forward?
Make your own model and find out!

night flier
All things that fly- another podcast site.



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Not forgetting the Forum groups offered by :
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Three US discussion forums:




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