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One bright November afternoon John showed us how his KeilKraft Super 60
trainer should be flown.His model has a 3 channel control fitted with a
3S lipo powering a Himax 3516-1139 motor turning an 11x4 wooden prop.

In April 2017 John demonstrated his amazing e-Flight Convergence VTOL model

Dave maidens his Super Decathlon with moral support from Phil on a balmy May day.

Tony set the world ablaze with his FMS P47!

John popped the floats on his FunCub and made very good use of our local Marl Pit.

Using Bob's Wot 4 as camera platform, John expertly twiddled the controls
to give us an overview of the strip,one chilly but calm November Sunday afternoon in 2014.
The camera also caught Phil X greasing his FunCub home
Well.. it doesn't happen every time!:-)

John demonstrates a perfect circuit with his
'difficult to fly' Hobby King Durafly Gyrocopter

Phil flies his Chinese j10 EDF which goes like stink
but pride comes before a fall!

Dave successfully maidens his P51 Mustang
a 1600mm Span model from Century Models

Probably the last clement Sunday in August 2012
and Phil X takes the opportunity to Solo.

There are not many days like this in October
and no balsa bits to show for it!

Phil stays at least 5 mistakes high on a very windy June evening.

Slippery little customer- Phil dare'd not take his eyes off her!

Ken & Phil using a buddy lead, make a shaky start
So who was to blame? We may never know!

Phil X gains sufficient confidence to begin behaving like a hooligan ( but a safe one)

Dave shruggs of all the compliments and
Chris needs an extra circuit to bleed of some speed!

Thomas's new Piper Cub powered by an OS 56 4 stroke takes to the overcast.
Just the odd click and she was flying hands free!

The Spy in the sky hovering over the strip
on a very windy Sunday afternoon.

Full Chat with Joe's bipe

The Stryker arrives
Phil shows off his Parkzone Stryker
it uses a lot of sky, and he needed to go-around
to bleed off some of that speed, on touchdown.

Beware the Squall
Phil's EDF Squall is designed more for fast aerobatic routines
but makes for interesting video!

Panic on high
Suggest you turn the volume down!
Colin's Avicraft Panic in a high level sortie,
The friendly herd never even blinked! .

Bird's eye view
Colin's first video attempt, keeping well clear
of John's Alaskan Cub 50 feet below

A Smooth one
This is how to do a greaser
Courtesy of John.

We always enjoy watching a 'Maiden'
Phil reckons that, whatever the instructions say,it might just be a little tail heavy

Formation flying is a different skill!
3 Foam Acrowots in 'loose' formation on a bit of a gusty day!

Just velcro it on and see the strip from a new perspective
Phil trials his new video camera.
The 'Wild Thing' backing track somehow seems appropriate!

Ken's Albatros C1

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