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preparation for a few sorties                  This is how they work!
One fine evening in September '08 and again in June '09 'The Falcons' were invited to visit The Terra Nova School at Holmes Chapel
to fly a few sorties, to fettle and fly a clutch of BMFA Aerojet gliders and to chat 'RC Aeromodelling' with an eager and enthusiastic group of youngsters.
Enthusiastic audience
The green sward of their wonderful playing fields made ground handling a pleasure, by the greatest of good luck all our models reached home in one piece though we had dislodged several twigs from the topmost branches of those superb Chestnut trees.
Phil W, Chris, Phil Mc and Joe stand ready to give a demo flight or two

This is the BMFA Aerojet glider the children made, decorated and trimmed for flight...
Absolute mayhem in the Gymnasium, thoroughly enjoyed by all!
BMFA Aerojet, chuck glider
We would encourage other clubs to consider a venture of this kind, the BMFA proved to be very supportive.
An exciting way to promote our hobby and to demonstrate that discipline and personal safety often go hand in hand.
Our sincere thanks must go to the Headmaster and his Staff for their kind hospitality.

A report on our June visit to Terra Nova School appeared in the October '09 edition of BMFA news,
You can read the .pdf file here read the BMFA report

Skylark 3D
As you can see above our treasurer Phil, recently acquired a new Skylark,
it appeared at the strip soon after our Subs had been collected!
but we trust him with our money!!

A neat looking aerobat

Phil's Strutter shows off on a tranquil Summer's Day.

On a sunny September afternoon Phil produced his new Red Baron
electric aerobat. It proved to be quite a handful even for a seasoned campaigner.

Extra 300      Ultimate   Ultimate
Phil W starts the 2009 season with a couple of smart new models.
Even though Phil is now a 2.4G convert, something was lost, maybe it was just lift! and before long we had to go fishing for it, so the Ultimate has now been renamed "The Wetimate".


We look forward to some spectacular ( hitherto impossible) aerobatics
from Phil's new Squall EDF/Vectored Thrust model.

and sure enough Phil takes every opportunity to show off this versatile little rocket!

As we start the 2010 season Phil W has introduced his pretty little leccy Greenfinch

and for around 100 Webbies were able to supply Phil with
this beautiful MX2, a 3D model inclusive of motor, speed controller and 4 servos.
He reports that It went together like a dream in a very short time.
She flies beautifully and can even prop hang.

Phil is really taken with his EDF models, how would you feel if under attack
from this marauding ME 262?

This is Phil's Parkzone Stryker
and Chris risking his fingers at launch.

This little beauty has been waiting to show off,
in Phil's loft for several years.

Phil introduces his new WOT 4,
every one is an expert, as it is prepared for it's maiden.

Phil W introduced his FW190 and his Hurricane ( both electric foamies),
unfortunately the Hurricane is not at it's best flying in a gusty wind.
and suffered some damage.

Phil 'found' this F18 at an unmissable price at Weston Park.

Phils EDF Chinese J10 flew like a scalded cat but in December '13,
like any injured cat proved to be a bit of a handful.

Chris lends Phil a helping hand in preparing his eFlite Inverza for it's maiden.

October fliers
January 2017 and Phil maidens his super EPS Typhoon
With throttle open wide it behaves perfectly!

October fliers
Talking about 'rockets'

October fliers

In 2019 Phil introduced us to his Durafly Me 163, another little rocket
We all admired the matching anorak!

October fliers

and his Tornado looked the part but seemed a little underpowered!

October fliers

Great buddies- a study in concentration.
Phil W and Thomas-thumbing a lift
(That was supposed to be a pun!)

Welcome to Ben, a new member,
who flies his Ultra-Fly PC9 with aplomb

Ben is now chasing our club speed record
how about this EDF Eflite model
swift is'nt the word!

Ben unboxed his new eFlight A10 and in minutes she
 was maidened and screaming round the skies. .

October fliers

Sartorial elegance on the field............... but who cares.......... Mark's foamie looks the part!

Len launches Mark's leccy glider and once up there he found plenty of lift.

Mark is campaiging his new Ultimate this season
in the capable hands of his favourite test pilot!

October fliers

Chris is our 'noise' monitor
Chris with his Ultra Stick, a Versatile aerobat
One handed takeoff!............................................................. throw out the anchors!

Chris has been running in an RCV 90FS engine on his bench and has now decided that this would be effective traction for his new Razzle
(I always thought that a 'Razzle' was a slightly 'adult' magazine, but that shows my age and I stand corrected.) The Razzle is an attractive model displaying its ribs, and we hope that this marriage will be a long and happy one.

With safety in mind Chris tethers his stand.
Well I would not want that motor landing in my lap!


Prophanging the Razzle.

Chris introduced us to his Prodigy ARTF, from AllelectricRC
a pretty looking bird, and we waited in vain to cheer his Maiden flight, but the weather turned gusty
and the first launch had to be deferred to a calmer day- I wonder if that will be this season!

Lightening strike

Chris was sorting out his 'Spring Collection' & in a dark corner discovered this Lightening foamie.
It certainly flies well using new technology LiPos.
The livery was designed to confuse the enemy, at a distance it could easily confuse me,
using the same invasion stripes on grey both top and bottom.

Chris arrived with this beautiful Electric Ducted Fan MIG 15
but forgot an essential piece of Kit so the maiden flight had to be deferred!

This 2 channel ( Elevator & Rudder) Meribat 2500, looks impressive in the air but Chris tells us that
the rudder seems to have little authority- that makes it a bit of a challenge!
meribat 2500

Here is Chris with his Twinjet

and having fun as well with his ultrafast Goolie.

Some atmospheric snaps of Chris's Grauphner Junior.

Chris demonstrates his new Fun Cub to Dennis, it can even cope with some English Summer weather!

And he also brought out his new Foamie Spit

which tripped over itself on takeoff

but that was soon sorted,
simply fit a new fuse!

Richard's new Snorting Bull, about to maiden.

and a new eFlight Huricane soon joined his hangar.

October fliers


As we get to the windy days of October 2017 Phil Cross presented his scratch built
P51 Mustang, impeccably finished and with invisible hatches.

Before we fly, lets make sure that our TXs are on speaking terms.
Phil X gets to grips with his neat 'Alley cat', a Truline Executive
which he built some 39 years ago!
But all good things come to an end, sometime:

Hanriot HD 1

Phil has also made this very pretty Hanriot HD1
just a couple of oz in weight and ideal for those dead calm summer evenings!

Sunday 16th Jne 2013.
Phil X had a minor glitch on rotation
His Wot 4 under power flew inverted, just 3 feet above the strip
Then John nearby, with one eye still on his glider above,
authoritatively called "PUSH" and disaster was averted.
Hysterical laughter from the direction of the pits!
If only we could show you a video!

This is Phil X's well campaigned model,
perhaps due for a fuse transplant!
On a gusty March day she did not have the speed
to beat the gale and turned into still air, then fell out of the sky.


Hearty congratulations to Phil X who, early in 2015, passed his cert A in style with his  user friendly Fun Cub
In his spare time he has been crafting this very smart Citabria from an RCME plan.


Phil X has also added a rather nice vintage Goldberg Cub to his hangar
we have lost count of its many careful past owners.


Phil has  been very busy building during the winter months, see how this Scale SIG Cub has developed
and it maidened in great style.

October fliers

Jeremy introduced us to his Mugi, delta wing, electro pusher aerobat.
Helpfully the blue belly stripe is wingtip to wingtip,
otherwise orientation could become a real problem .

And you thought that his RC Dragonfly would be a helicopter..... not on our strip!

The Caproni CA60
A prototype Seaplane from 1920-21 designed for Transatlantic passenger service
A Nine winged monster that actually flew- but tragically not very far!
Can you imagine fettling a model of this at the strip?

This is the RV4

A beautiful self build plane, just a few years old
The Vans RV4

A Sport plane or two from the 1930s

This is the Post War Belgian Stampe SV4C, frequently seen in the UK

or from Deutschland,
this is a Buckner Jungmann recently spotted at the West London Aero Club

...and it's sister, the Buckner BU 133C Jungmeister
with the sinister insignia
but you dont start this motor with thumb over the carb & a flick of the finger!
This one takes a stepladder, a cupfull of priming fuel and a lot of muscle!

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