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Even in the days when mufflers were a novelty
our friendly herd seemed totally unconcerned,

except when they found an open door to investigate!

1980,In the foreground, Ray Slack
with one of his many aerobatic pattern models.
( there is more than castor oil staining his model!)

Here is 'Slackie' with his better half, Pauline.

1984,Dennis, Peter, Jeremy and others
sharing the sky!

1984, Its BBQ time
for Dennis, Peter, Jeremy and Phil.

1995,Its busy at the strip
and Len's practicing an inverted low pass!

1995,Bill Bray
has found a friend

1995, We think that Ray may have been trying for an altitude record
Why else would John have his binoculars out!

Jeremy with his novel Windbag
long before the passenger carrying 'Microlite' had been invented!
When not in the air, the Windbag proved to be useful 'brolly'

Phil's Tru-Line Executive
was powered by an Enya 35 and as you can see from the Green tag,
used 27MHz Futaba RC equipment.

Phil was delighted to receive his 'Most Improved Modeller' Award
from Eric Evans- How many years ago?

Build complete
Phil's Mew Gull has yet to be decorated.
This beautiful model was powered by a Magnum 90 4stroke glow.

The Barnstormer, a David Boddington design
was pulled along by an Irvine 40.

A sophisticated aileron equipped trainer, called 'Phase One'
motive power by an OS25FSR.

The Bullet, a kit from Crescent Models.
This model driven by an Irvine 40 unit.

The Crescent Models Bulldog was 60 powered
Part of Eric Evan's collection.

The Bar-Fli on finals.
Sorry I am corrected, it was called 'The Kwik-Fli'
This model was 60 powered, originally from the hangar of Eric Evans
but we believe it is still around, perhaps even flyable, stored in someone's loft space.

Peter receives his MIM Award from Arthur Bower
Former Chairman of the Cheshire Falcons.

Arthur had built this beautiful scale 1936 Aeronca C3 using detail from G-AEFT which is still flying.
Photos above from the collection of Jim Patterson

and we must include
a sunny portrait of Arthur by AlphaBob.

Peter the pilot-no dodgy Digi here!

Here is Bob Fletcher with two versions of the American design Whimpy Too.
The original, smaller design ( not shown) used just a Kalt 45x4 stroke glow motor,
The yellow version flew like stink on an OS 90 FS.
But the ultimate, red model 'Big Whimpy' was a pocket rocket with an Enya 240 V twin up front.

and here is Bob's smart Biplane
the Kossak from Kamco

Ray and Mel prepare the Skyhawk for the skies.

Dave & Gerry's Piper Cubs & Phil's Starlet on Skis... Close up of Dave Girling's scale Cub
Did you spot the modelling problem?... Cub Pilot, flying solo, should always take the rear seat!!
Something to do with the C of G!.

Phil's Mirage taking it easy......In flight ...............& back in one piece.

The late John 'Biffo' Smith's Puppeteer

Gerry Tucker's Twin engined Skyvan.

Martin's Tucano                                      Fairey Swordfish Torpedo bomber

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