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Jeremy recently discovered a recording of a 1982 video which illustrates the problems our members had
using early glow and diesel motors and a very bumpy Dairy Meadow for a take off strip.
A few screen shots from the video  follow:


                                                                                                    Dave Girling with his                                            Ray Slack and Mal Brewer
                                                                                               quarter scale Pup                                                on the launch pad


              Chris helps Phil launch               Phil, in control of his Flyboy                                            Job Done


                                        Ray and Robin about to launch                                                                                    Phil with his
                                                                                                                                                                                Motorised glider


    Chris about to go gliding                                Dave Girling's Storch                          Ray about to launch his underpowered 
                                                                                                                                                        jet along the carpet strip 


    with the inevitable result                                Gerry Tucker with his Skyvan                    Always a difficult take off


Sometimes worrying the onlookers                                            A period model                                                        End of reel


                          Joe                                            Brian Buffham, supervision by Eric Davies

Paul Connabeer helped by Dad                                 Biffo with Graham Lee

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Ray Slack with Chris Hill   
Some other snaps of Chris Hill, Chris Gooderham and Ray
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       Phil Wilson retrieving.                             and Delta launch

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Phil Wilson


Gerry Tucker
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        John 'Biffo' Smith              click thumbnail to enlarge

4 pilots from Alpha Models preparing for a Woodvale display,
2 Senior Telemasters carrying 2 MFA Hummingbirds for high altitude launch.
Each Hummingbird was powered by 6xAA NiCds
Rubbish duration, but just the spark of a new idea!


Biffo carries Eric Evan's 'Wimpy' to the strip,
it was powered by two OS Wankel engines. Unfortunately they had a tendency to overheat
leading to the early demise of this beautiful scale model.

Biffo here is 'pitting' for Hubert
Like Slackie, a well known Master's Class aerobatic competitor.

The Pits are busy, but nobody's posing
Biffo,Mo,Gerry,Jim Evans and Ken Gould examining Jim's Unique Models 'Chipperhawk.'
(Unique Models later became Skyway Models)

Concentration in Robin's face!

Dave Girling receives his award

Ken Sessford seems pleased!

Bob Fletcher is the Cup Winner

Chairman Eric Evans scores the P47
in the Scale Competition

Jim Patterson

In '78 the club travelled by coach to a memorable Shuttleworth display.

Paul Wiliams helps Biffo to launch his Miles Magister, built to a Dennis Bryant plan.
This was the first attempt by a club member, not very successfully, to use a 4 stroke glow, the Kalt 45.

The farmer ( landlord) believed in rotating his crops
so The Club Hut ( Shed) had to be moved to the next field and 2 years later moved back again.
Snaps of the cheerful working party!

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Let it Snow, not ideal weather for taking snaps, but we wont let that stop the flying.
Conditions were so grotty on occasion, that Bob compared it to Control Line flying without the line!
Slackie launching Dave Girling's Club 20                                        

click thumbnails to enlarge these pics
click thumbnails to enlarge these pics

Mal Brewer and his 'Snark'.

Mike Thomas won the Club Concours with his 'Gangster 63'

And then there was the Club Barbeque,
Skies might be grey, but we are focussed on food and drink today, so who cares!

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Dave Bower, concentrating and again with a Waterhouse and Eley 'Super Fli'

Alan Lewis, Mo, Mike Thomas, Robin and Eric- on the 'Other field'

Nice Model

Bob Fletcher's Pit area, scattered around you will see:-
a Mercury Galahad, a Sharkface fuse from Aviette Senator
and a low winger from Roland Scott's Shop.

This looks rather like 'Little Toni' imported in the '80s from Joe Bridi in the USA
( and still available from Great Planes)
Little Toni was modelled on the RV4, the real article can be seen on Page 3 of our Gallery.

Just a word about our friend, the late Ray Slack
Ray's retract           Ray's radial
Remembering our friend and well known model engineer,
The Ray Slack Memorial Shield is to be an Annual presentation.
to the member who has made the most significant contribution
to the running of the club.
Above you can see his Grumann F8F Bearcat retract and his 5 cylinder glow radial .

Our own Ozzie Ray is well known in the UK Warbirding circuit and his fifth scale Spit Mark IX
caught the eye of Alex Whittaker at December's Barkston Heath meet.
As described in the March edition 2010 of RCM&;E soft landings are to be expected
as the model sports a pair of Ray Slack retracts.
We echo Alex's kind words, remembering his friendship and
the contribution Ray Slack made to our sport and to our club in particular.

Martin's Tucano                                      Fairey Swordfish Torpedo bomber

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